5 Top Tips For Hanging The Perfect Feature Lights


Top 5 Tips for Hanging the Perfect Feature Light

Indoor lighting can transform a room and breathe new life into your home. It can also make your living space look bigger, brighter, and more elegant. Plus, playing with lights is fun and more convenient than buying new furniture or remodeling your home.

Whether you prefer chandeliers, pendant fixtures, or other lighting options, there are a couple of things to keep in mind when hanging them up. Even the smallest mistake can bring down the overall look of your home. Consider these five tips for hanging the perfect feature light!

Work Out Your Goal

Think about how and where you’re going to use the light. Is it purely decorative or rather functional? Dining room lighting, for instance, will be different than kitchen lighting.

If, let’s say, you’re hanging a large pendant in the bedroom, opt for a diffused light output. Your home office, on the other hand, will require a more controlled beam of light.

Consider Your Space

When hanging lights over a desk or table, the recommended height is 28 to 32 inches from its surface. Another option is to hang multiple pendants above a larger table for both functional and aesthetic purposes.

If you need lighting in the hallway, consider the ceiling height. As a rule of thumb, the fixture should not be placed higher than the line of sight. When it comes to your kitchen, hang the pendant about 72 inches above the floor or no lower than 28 inches above the countertop.

Adjust for Room Size

Sometimes, the primary role of a lighting fixture is to illuminate the table. In this case, the ceiling height is less important. Room size matters the most.

Think about what the lighting looks like when you enter the room as well as you’re seated at the table. Consider the pendant size too. If you prefer a chandelier, consider hanging it a few inches higher than the standard height.

Consider the Pendant Shape

A pendant’s shape and diameter influence the amount of light that will be cast. Large pendants, for instance, will produce more light than those with a smaller diameter. Therefore, you can hang it higher.

Use a Dimmer Switch

No matter where you hang a pendant light, install a dimmer switch. This will allow you to adjust the lighting according to your needs and change the ambiance of a room instantly.

For example, if you have work to do, you can switch to a brighter light. When you’re done, go back to a dim light so you can finally relax.


We have you covered with all your lighting requirements and can help you from selecting the perfect light to where and how to hang or install. Enquire online today or give us a call and we will have one of our friendly electricians call out to discuss your needs.