Thinking of upgrading to ducted air?

Ducted Air traditionally gave little individual room control and minimal ability to control temperature throughout the home, but through our custom design service and the ever changing technology in air conditioning systems we now have the ability to provide precise temperatures throughout the whole home no matter what time of the day and can even be controlled through your phone.

If you’re on the Sunshine Coast and want to get more comfortable this summer give us a call and we’ll come to your home and discuss some options.

We have over 10 years experience in the aircondition industry and our team can custom design your next aircon to exactly match your home or even your office.

Solar Panel Clean and System Check

How long has it been since you’ve had your solar system checked? Since installing it maybe?

This is all to often the case and with the weather the Sunshine Coast has received over the past few months it may not be operating at all. Through a simple check we can insure that your system is still operating at its optimum level and putting as much cash back in your pocket as possible.

Give us a call 1300 602 572

Be safe over the next few days QLD!

Please everyone look out for each other over the next few days with all the crazy weather around Queensland!

If you see a fallen power line stay away from it and please call Energex emergency line on 131962 but remember this is for emergencies only!

There general enquiries number is 131 253.

Moving forward..Cable

Due to an unreal response from everyone last week when we announced we would be building two tower cable systems on a commercial basis we have decided it’s time to give it a new name and do a redesign.


We’re looking for creative people to help out with branding, engineering and certification. If you’re that person and keen to help send us a message and it might land you on a board a lot more!


Does your home comply with the new Smoke Alarm Legislation?

Every Queensland home is required to have interconnected, photoelectric smoke alarms in every bedroom, living space and hallway.

What you need to know.

If you are the owner of a significantly renovated property or a new build approved after the first of January 2017,you will be required to have photoelectric alarms installed in each bedroom, hallway and living space. The alarms must be interconnected and installed by a licensed electrician .


When does this take effect?

Homes recently built, or significantly renovated will be required to meet the new requirements from January 1, 2017.

Any homes leased or sold from January 1, 2022 will be required to meet the new requirements.

All owner occupied residents will need to meet the new requirements within the next 10 years (January 1, 2027).

However, fire season is upon us; every 4.8 hours, there is a house fire in Queensland. In 2013-2014, the Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council recorded 98 fire deaths. Nearly half of these may have been prevented if the homes had working smoke alarm systems.

What is a photoelectric fire alarm? How does it compare to the battery operated ones I already have at home?

Photoelectric smoke alarms ‘see’ the smoke by detecting particles of combustion. This style of smoke alarm provides the earliest warning of a fire while also being less likely to trigger false alarms. Photoelectric is superior as it is more sensitive to larger particles of fires that are actually threatening.

The alarms that you currently have installed in your home are likely Ionisation alarms. While these meet the sensitivity requirements, they provide insufficient protection as the false alarms are more frequent – meaning people are more likely to remove the battery/switch them off, forgetting to replace them and therefor putting their home and their family at serious risk.

What does ‘interconnected’ mean?

The new legislation means that all the alarms in your home must ‘communicate’ with each other. Either through hardwired mains power supply, or wireless connectivity with a 10-year minimum lithium battery.

This means that if one alarm is triggered, anywhere in the house, all others are activated, providing the earliest and best warning of a fire for all occupants.

All hard wired smoke alarms are required to be installed by a licensed electrician.

For more information on the new legislation and how it affects you, take a look at the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services fact sheet.